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Otto and the Witch Club - Bleed

Dominated by driving riffs, psychedelic lyricism and a touch of southern melody, Otto and the Witch Club's debut single:


Leading you through 60’s influences and blues licks to modern-day breakdowns, the band’s hard-hitting signature sound is set for release in the ‘Self-titled’ Summer 2017 EP.


Hattori x Kid Oku - Torii

Pioneering NOM’s collaboration with talented artists are the London duo Hattori & Kid Oku.

Torii / Noun ;

                1. The Gateway of a Shinto Shrine

Influenced by their travels, the talented duo intertwine low bass and slow beats to present a relaxing, melodic piece.

Ringing true to it’s name, Torii eases toward an upbeat peak, inviting you to experience a beautiful transition into sanctity.

JPo - Skylines

The second addition to the NOM family is JPo, an upcoming artist from South Wales.

Eerie but beautiful synthesised sounds will have you envisioning a woeful metropolis in the early hours, though an injection of dub ensures this beat is felt deep at the core.

Guaranteed to have you longing for the 6am calm after the storm, Skylines challenges the boundary between hard nights and easy mornings.

The Project - Overdose Flow

In Collaborating with ‘The Project’ and ‘Yung Nyams’ we bring you an injection of urban poetry


            ‘Overdose Flow’

A celebration of self over a phenomenal praise driven beat.

In working with ‘The Project’ we hope to help one MC represent himself in a recognised form of true Hip-Hop.

The Project - Come Ask Me

In Collaborating with ‘The Project’ and ‘Yung Nyams’ we bring you a second injection of  urban poetry with,

‘Come Ask Me’

A versatile use of lyrical vocabulary The Project sets out to end any dispute as to his claim to take up residence on the scene.


Otto and the Witch Club - ‘Self-titled’

Bold and unforgiving, Otto and the Witch Club’s Self-titled EP roars through 5 tracks full of energetic riffs, psychedelic lyricism and the in-your-face attitude the band is known for.

While still touching on their retro influences, ‘Otto and the Witch Club’ showcase’s the bands dynamic sound, each decibel louder than the last.

Available to stream and download on all major platforms.