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Registered in England and Wales : Company No 09222767


New Old Me is a London based collective united by the need for a larger platform for smaller artists and musicians.  

What started as a humble clothing company has developed into a full lifestyle brand, poised to shine a light on emerging talent and get the work where it needs to be.

NOM was born of a passion for art and music and a lack of support for those without the means to get their work seen or heard.  

NOM acts as both platform and A&R by way of producing work with our collaborators and building awareness via multimedia cross pollination. Having come up through local music and art hubs, we value community and emphasise its necessity in these fast changing times. The sharing of ideas and inspiration is what drives us to strive for better.

NOM is a collaborative arts experiment, encompassing all aspects of sound and design with the aim of connecting to a larger community of artists across the globe.  

We think locally, we act globally.  

We are the change.  

Join us.

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